"I have had multiple abdominal and pelvic operations over more than a decade, all with the aim of resolving different medical issues. I have been taking a cocktail of strong medications: morphine, tramadol, gabapentin and some others. These obviously caused their own problems but were not dealing with one of the primary sources of my pain - just above the groin.

Mandy asked if she could try some scar work on a new site, and I was delighted that this literally within days, practically eliminated the pain. It was apparent that the scar tissue in another site was causing pain and discomfort in a referred area.

I have successfully had Bowen Therapy for problems following 3 prolapsed cervical discs, so was already a 'fan' of Bowen Therapy. I do wish therapies like this were available on the NHS - I now only take occasional paracetamol, primarily I believe due to the scar therapy I received from Mandy." - 







"This complimentary therapy is something I had never heard of until 5 years ago, and was left to get on with it by doctors who did not know what to do other than ply me with medications.

In my desperation to find real help to recover I searched the internet when I could manage to and read about Bowen Therapy. I then discovered that Mandy was a Bowen practitioner not far away from where I live and, as I could barely move at the time, she was prepared to come to my home.

After very few treatments she got me starting to move and walk again. I am still improving but my friends are amazed at what I have been through and how well I am recovering from it. Without Mandy’s help I believe I would still be bed-ridden and totally dependent.


Mandy is quietly and gently very competent. She pays attention to what is said and sensitively applies both her expertise and genuine care to understanding what is going on and what is needed next. I have found that I can trust her with anything; she treats me as a person not as a condition.

I have had many therapies in my life but nothing compares to Bowen and Scar work. It is so gentle and un-invasive and yet more effective than anything else I have experienced.

Another difference is that, where other therapies may have helped for a while, what happens with Mandy’s treatments is permanent.

More recently, after being diagnosed with severe, long term PTSD I have started having treatment again with Mandy for trauma. I feel safe working with her even though I have felt very vulnerable. She is kind and sensitive to my needs and never hurries me. Nothing seems too much for her to calmly deal with. 

The Bowen and Scar work are proving just as effective with trauma ‘scars’ as with physical issues. What is more, they are a much quicker way of dealing with the traumas. When I went for talking therapy I was told it would take a very long time! Bowen is proving to be effective with instant results.

Mandy has helped to save my life. With the trauma work we are now working on quality of life. I am so very, very grateful to Mandy for being there and for doing what she does." - 

Margaret, Nantwich.



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