Lymphatic system

The Lymphatic system, part of the immune system, runs throughout the body alongside the blood circulatory system. As a natural process our cells are constantly being renewed so old or damaged cells are disposed of, but this produces debris. The lymph fluid collects this debris and deposits it into the blood via veins in the neck, where it is transported to the kidneys for removal from the body.  This fluid also contains lymphocytes: beneficial white blood cells that fight infection by attacking viruses and harmful bacteria.

For this process to work we need to be as active as possible, because the lymphatic system does not have a pump, like the heart, to make it flow round the body. Lymph has several key collection points in the body called nodes, where the lymphocytes are formed. These can be damaged by surgery or accident

and constricted by build-up of fascial layers. This can cause painful or disabling swelling in the limbs as the fluid gathers but has restricted flow.

Gentle manual therapy aids in the movement of lymph, improving the function of the immune system and assisting with overall wellbeing.

Treatments for addressing lymphatic problems are varied, however mlgholistics provides Swedish Massage, Bowen Fascial Release Technique and Sharon Wheeler's ScarWorkTM. 

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